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Atlas All Access
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COVID-19 | An Atlas update to our nurses, travelers, and partners - Atlas All Access 112

Our entire team is here for you.

You are out there, every day, doing your best in a challenging situation to care for your patients, co-workers, and loved ones. Thank you.

On behalf of all of us, we want you to know that we are here -- practicing safe social distancing, working remotely from our homes -- we are here for you. And the company and the people you know and love aren't changing.

We're not chasing crazy contracts. We're the firm, steady, consistent partner you've always worked with. Steady. Taking the time to do the right thing for you.

Rich Smith: A little bit different look again for Atlas All Access, we're doing it from our homes. We're staying home like we've been told, like we should be doing right. You have to be out there. It's your profession on the road, in the hospitals, that's what you're doing. This is our job to stay here, to make sure that we aren't in the hospitals, that we aren't overloading the system, that we're doing the best that we can with social distancing to make sure that your job is a little bit easier.

Rich Smith: I saw a quote on Facebook the other day and I thought it was rather relevant. It said, "You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice that you have." I've heard some stories this week that will scare people to death and it's not something that I thought I would ever, ever hear but in the end, one nurse said this to me. This is the reason why they got into healthcare in the first place is to take care of people, to take care of the sickest of sick and that's what's happening in some of these places.

Rich Smith: So I know this probably isn't great news, but six to eight weeks is kind of what we're looking at here. At least on our end, before we can ever even think about going back into the office or going back to a restaurant or something like that. It's not business as usual and that's just kind of the new norm around here. It's stressful. It's hard work. It's harder than it's ever been before but it's harder for you than it's ever been before. So that's why I thought we would take this episode of Atlas All Access and hear from a couple other people here in the office too, that have been working from home that kind of understand, that had been doing this for a long time and that understand kind of what you're going through and then give you some insight on what's going on on our end as well. So you know we're here with you.

Steve Ryan: From the Atlas world and we wanted you to know what we're doing. On a day by day basis things change, so we're trying to meet as often as possible. We're trying to make decisions based on what the news is saying, what our hospitals are saying. It just seems like it's changing every day.

Steve Ryan: So our very first thing that we focus on is how do we take care of you? You're on the front lines. We're blessed to be able to stay home and be with our families and working every day. We're not in the trenches, we're not on the frontline. So we're trying to figure out ways to make sure that you guys are safe, that you're in an environment where you're being paid and that your families are taken care of.

Steve Seitner: Mainly my job is to kind of keep a finger on the pulse as to what our clients, vendors and direct hospital relationships are going through and what they're needing from us right now.

Steve Seitner: At the same time, work with our internal staff and get a real sense of what you, the travelers, are looking for and needing from us and trying to use my relationships and industry experience to work to our and your advantage and trust that I'm working way more than full time to try and do my part.

Keahna Williams: Just wanted to let you know that I am one of a few that are still in the office making sure that everything is running smoothly here. We are practicing the social distancing and so we just wanted to reach out and let you know that everything is still status quo with just a few of us here, while the others are at home working hard for you every day.

Keahna Williams: Just want to reiterate that our joint commission is the one thing that we stand behind 100%. So at this time we're still following that protocol for Atlas and what that means to us.

Keahna Williams: If you need anything, please feel free to reach out at any time to any of us and we'll make sure we get you taken care of.

Steve Seitner: I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you. Say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for me and my family working from home, wish you the best and understand that we're going to continue to fight on this end to make life as simple as it can while you focus on patient care.

Steve Ryan: Just once again, thank you so much for being on the front lines, for being there for families and people that are just experienced craziness right now and it just means the world to us. A lot of us have family and I've got my four daughters here and my wife and just knowing that you guys are out there and you're working so hard to take care of us and take care of people, it just means the world to us. So thank you, from Atlas.

Steve Ryan: Just to let you know, we're going to work extra time and we're going to put all the time we can in to make sure we're making the right decisions and doing what we can on our side. So thank you.

Rich Smith: I can promise you this, over these next six to eight weeks, three months, whatever it is, we'll have a singular focus and that singular focus has not changed from who we are as a company and who we've always been.

Rich Smith: We're a Midwest company with Midwest values. We are steady. We are not chasing anything. Those $5,000 a week jobs. Let somebody else do that, right? I want you in the hospital you're at right now, taking care of those patients that count on you the most and maybe that's closer to home. Maybe you need to go home and that's okay. That's fine but we're going to do what's right, right now and right now that's being the steady company that you've come to know and love and nothing is going to change that. Nothing, I promise you.