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A Beer With Atlas
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League of Anti-Heroes Beer from Revolution Brewery - Beer With Atlas 96

You say you want a Revolution? How about an ice-cold beer to go with it?

We're enjoying this unique take from Revolution Brewing that combines two of our hosts' favorite things: craft beer and comic books.

This new League of Heroes beer lineup is a fun one. Revolution is out of Chicago, and they are marketing the release of these brews like a new issue of a comic book.

The series run includes issues like Anti-Hero, Sly Hero, Galaxy-Hero With Haze, Cashmere-Hero, Tropic-Hero, and several more. (Collect them all!)

We dig the idea, the clever marketing is a ton of fun, the hops-infused art direction they have taken makes us want to hang it on a wall, and the actual beer? That was enjoyable, too.